miércoles, marzo 19, 2008

Perdonan la vida al que pretendio ser el principe de Morocco en Facebook
Morocco 'Facebook prince' pardon

Protesters in Rabat had been calling for Fouad Mourtada's releaseA Moroccan man jailed for pretending to be the brother of the king on the social networking site Facebook has been given a royal pardon.

Fouad Mourtada's lawyer said his client had left the Casablanca jail where he was serving his three-year sentence.
He had been arrested at the beginning of February for "usurping the identity of Prince Moulay Rachid".
Mr Mourtada had insisted his internet entry was a bit of fun, and a campaign was launched in his support.
In another court case, Ahmed Benchemsi faces up to five years in jail over an article he wrote about a speech made by King Mohammed VI.
Journalists are often in court for such offences despite the fact Morocco has one of the most liberal environments for the press in North Africa.
The BBC's James Copnall in the capital, Rabat, says the king and royal family seem to be one of the last remaining taboo areas in Morocco.
He says Moroccan journalists and others have learnt that harsh words about the king, or Islam, or Morocco itself, can lead to trouble.
The Moroccan establishment is keen to stress the progress it has made in opening up the country, particularly since Mohammed VI came to the throne nearly 10 years ago.Mas/More

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